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On November 17th born 9 Alexa's and Arak's puppies: 3 brown females, 3 brown males, 3 black females. Both parents have 2nd DV Zentralkörung for all life and 3x participate IPO 3 IDC WCH.

During the last two years, mother of puppies Alexa Sheridano le Fano, was evaluated as best female of our National Doberman Club, is the champion of Czech Republic, participant of three IPO3 World championships, participant of multiple elimination races, participant of Czech Republic Championship of all breeds IPO3, Doberman champion according to IPO1, holder of the CACT title, meeting not only BH, IPO3, SchH3. FPr3, FH1, ZM, ZVV1, ZPS1, but especially ZTP V1A as well as the first- and second – lifetime-rating Zentralkorung as a first dog ever in the Czech Republic. Alexa completed series of health examination: HD - A, PHTVL / PHPV - cataracts - PRA / CEAVER - clear, thyroid - clear, cardio - free (LMÜ Münich).

I was selecting a stud dog for Alexa for a long time. Finally, a gorgeous Swiss dog Arak-Amaruk du Feu d'Aramon - a dog with the heart of lion - was chosen. I coached the training of protection as bitehelper to this dog since his young age and made him participate in IPO3 World Championships. He is strong, self-confident, quick, intelligent, friendly, brimming with energy and extraordinary power.

The same can be said about his father Irynland Eros Erato, whom I also coached and achieved ZTP with him. Aforementioned Arak’s properties were also seen in his father, and for that reason this splendid male was chosen for mating by owners of Arak’s mother – breeders du Feu d'Aramon. Even though we had to fly thousands of kilometers to the east and experienced unbelievable stories, including a Russian prison, the decision was worth it. Thus we succeeded in mating this great Russian dog with Arak’s mother – daughter of my Alex Black Sagitta who performed the best defense not only in USA, Italy or Slovakia Championship, but also in IPO3 World Championship being apart from other things father of my Cara’s Red Sasha – an IPO3 world champion.

I have not chosen the stud dog out of nostalgia, but rather I have chosen him because no other dog has such a history where I can be again and again assured thanks to my own experience to have made the right choice and have the best feeling of contentment, since any other choice would have been worse. I should also mention that when I was reading names of all three siblings from the “A” litter – du Feu d’Aramon among other World Cup participant names, I thought it was a record. In the following year, it was possible to read names of four siblings of “A” litter - Sheridano le Fano - in the name list of World Cup.

This mating is really extraordinary. And just extremely high quality puppies are born. Preferred are understandably people interested in training. I hope the puppies from European K9 training base fulfill the hopes placed in them that you, their new owners, insert. To do this, you'll always be assisted either by the advice or my work, coach or helper, and it also has a financial incentive to serve five hundred euros, which receives all of you new owners of puppies who your dog from K9 European training base, will lead to successful participation in the championship FCI World IPO3 or breed IPO3.


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