Training of dogs

The dog was domesticated in times so distant we could hardly imagine them today.However , the current form of master-dog co-existance came to being relatively recently and by and by it happens more and more often that the role changes. Instead of dog serving the human, the human serves the dog in sense of conforming to its lack of obedience and training. The owner himself often ends up dissapointed, because aside from common disobedience and not following masters orders, it may happen the dog will have significant character flaws deviating from the generally accepted norm for given breed. So in extreme cases the most faithfull friend, companion and protector turns into an enemy, waste even annoying thing. Practically in all cases even in those seemingly non-solvable, the solution exists. However it is necessary taking account of the Specics of the breed, properly examine the animals memtal state and that strictly only on individual basis.There is no generally valid how to train a dog. Every single dog is a personality in its own accord and there is always a need to treat them with a certain differentiation. I have been traing dog since 1978. I led thirteen dogs to the third [and also highest] grade, with eight of them, I strated in one or more championships of Czech, Slovak, Czechoslovak army, Moravian-Silesian Canin club, Italy, Austria, Estonia, USA or the world, I have passed many lower trials with tens of others. On the world championship, according to IPO 3, in which I took part with 3 dogs (another 2 I have prepared for this event), I participated all in all eight times I accieved bronze and silver in co-op, in individuals my dogs brought me gold in trailing, defence and in the very end even absolute victory. Hundreds of dogs I have prepared are serving or have served almost on all the continents. The working usability of my dogs, I have successfully provided in practise no matter if it was at earthquake or in rescuing team or in a local armed conflict. I dont discriminate my costumers between poor and rich, or known and unknown. The fact, that my own trained dogs are working in armies and policy around the world or guiding celebrities does not mean that I do not put my mind to dogs of elementary dog-fancier or people who just don’t cope with their pet, whether for lack of experience, time or healt fitness. I cherish the trust of everynoe of you, who comes along with a plea for help. I hope that I manage to help you either with upbringing your pet or with a hopeless git. Along with my co-workers I will make everyhing that will fill the common-life of you and your four-leg friend with love and happieness, joint respect, eventually with a sport success. You dont have to search any more, we will train your dog.

Boarding training

Into kennels I place only German Sheperds, or other breeds, who are used to it and which will bear it. All Dobermanns I am training are placed in my house. There are many reasons, the main are that their space is in winter heated and in summer air-conditioned, then, constant touch and non-stop control is the only possible way how to avoid some of sudden troubles and surprises. I am warning (you, all my potencial clients) In advance, that I am not all mighty and I sometimes cant avoid the shame. I have been through a die of a stomach torsion after a car-crash and I dont think I have a run out of my given troubles. I know, that your dog has a much much higher prize that just the given prize in of a table, it is the prize of love you give them, and that is in case of an accident irreplaceable. If you are a catastrofic forecast, or you are owning a dog, whose loss might endanger your financial situation I recommend to insurance him. I hope I did not scare you too much, but I want to avoid possible troubles which I hear every now and then from my co-workers and rival trainers. You ought to know that I will do everything possible to make your friends a easier and more comfortable dog life. Apart from proffesional access to the training and that common care about their ease, they are given a regular jolt of love and that’s not only because they are my bread, but mainly because they are making me happy. The proof of my words and also the greatest award for me are not your thank-you letters after the training, but the happy-jumping dogs with waggy tails, who had not forgiven about me on our another meetings. If you want to ask what is who like, ask your dog then. Now some practical notes. Every dog, who comes to a boarding training must be vaccinate against rabies,distemper, hepatitis, lestospirosis, rabies bark ,{ by some of the vaccinate substances is necessary a early revaccination} and tetanus. Just before the coming he must be dewormed and treaten with a spot or spray against outdoor parazits. I would recommend also a device against heartparazits, whose appereance is moving along with the warming, every year further and further to the north. The dog must be furnished with a vaccination certificate – the international vaccination card would be the best , that goes especially for oversea candidates. If you deliver your dog personally, then it’s for your own good bringing him in his own box, because it may occur, that the transport will after your decision made by air and it is pointless investing money into another box. But the decision is up to you. Your dog will not need any gadgets or harnesses but a smooth contraction collar. Take aboard his cover (not fresh washed) and his favourite toy. If he is on a special diet – then tihs. It is suitable bring aboard 3 daily portions, because the gradual swich –over to the food I use is better for trouble digestion avoidance. Dogs are fed with granula food and a mixture of beef and white meat. Dogs participating at various exams, where the parts are tracking, take the loss of weight in account, because they are mainly fed directly on tracking place. I am very sorry to those I will not be able to satisfy immediately. The number of places is limited and I prefer quality to quantity. So I would recommend you to book a boarding in advance.

The examination fees are inclusive the training prize. The fee for ZTP, or Körung and the registration to this actions, must pay, or let us say perform, the dog owner, who sends all desired papers to the organisator. If the momental state of your dog will not correspondent with my idea of a relative given trained grade, I will not take part in ZTP or Körung will fall through the organizer. Do not be angry with me, but is better to lose a little Euro than a chance and code becoming once in a lifetime, so I will participate in the next possible term and when the accomodation extens you will not have to pay nothing more. At the AD and Körung exams is inclusive the prize also the fee for costs for the exam itself like:{ journey, hotel, start}. If your dog will not pass the exam – at AD perhaps for physical indisposition and at Körung because it is very demanding and it is not a shame not pass it, it is necessary to pay back the costs. Showing up at exhibitions is possible after last dealing and it goes the same with the physical condition – The dog will not be exhibited if his state is not excellent, for example: for worjing condition, which fee has been already paid. The owner cover all expends plus handling. In the end I would like to answer your repeated question – whether the dog after the training time will not estrange from you and if he recognises you again. He will not estrange. Do not worry. He will be perhaps a liitle bit confused the first day, but after waking up in his old cover- or your bed:-]], it will be the as same morning as the leaving one, but he will be trained. No matter if he spent a month, necessary for Bh, or two for BH and ZTP, or three for BH, ZTP and IPO 1, or a time much longer, which I need for the third degree or the participation on championships.

Training on Schutzhund field

Next possibility for training on place, which runs regulary in:1 -Prague- Dobřejovice (3 minutes from D1 exit nr.6 Prague-Průhonice) Journey description: On the roundabout to the shopping centre, on both crossings go straight on, after crossing the highway you can see some maquettes on your right, then turn on the tarmac track right. In case you arrive to in Dobřejovice, go back.

The handler owner is taught the art of dog training himself. The lecturer works individualy with only one handler so it isn’t a group training, where you can’t dedicate yourself to an individual. The upgrading of training is done more slowly then in a boarding training, however by sufficiant intensity it brings the desired outcome. For starters, or those who are training some of the lower levels, I recommend warmly Ms. Lucie Skopalova. She passed many exams, participated in championships of various countries, the World championship, she led many of her dogs to the third degree, she is unlike me beautiful and mainly she won’t shout at you and you won’t leave the place crying. The rest of, who want to take the risk of me I can only warn, taht the path to the finale under my leadership, is paved with despair and powerless and sprinkled with sweat and tears.

Training in the place of living

The lecture comes to the place of living, whrere he takes over the dog and the training is done in the area. Here the practical aspect is emphasized, such as the ability to fully control the dog in the streets, the dog's respecting the roads while running loose and so on. It is also possible for the owner to take part in the training directly as the handler and to work under the supervision of the lecturer; this is then virtually identical to the field training. The owner saves precious time spent on the way to the training field. But he definitely won’t save his money. The prize is derived from the common lesson prize + transporting to the place of training, and inclusive the time spent, mainly in Prague traffic jams. .

Training protection and activating

The same goes for the defence activation of your dog. It is possible to dvoje the atmosphere of a real atak on your ground, or yourself and přepade your dog to a proper defence. Disturbing your territory becames a standart situation for the dog, which will show of course in the power of his strong hit. But he will have to lezen the basics on field. I put great emphasis on the protection and try to chaose the best bite helpers of the best. I‘ ve been a bite helper since I was at the age of 13, I was a federation bite helper and in defence prctise, I‘ ve been carrying out a development of methods and improving, both strenght, rate and manipulating. A large spectrum of gadgets on the highest level insures a safe effect of this aktivity without useless risk sof harming the bite helper or the dog himself. I put great emphasis on the cushioning of the impact so that the motion apparatus or the teeth are not hurt, which may also lead to the physical or psychical injury, which ends only in case the bite helper is a hoof.



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